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Product Info

We use only the finest hand-selected materials available from around the world to create our clogs. Our wood bottoms come from Sweden, while our leather comes from Spain. Scandic clogs are constructed using old world craftsmanship giving each pair their own distinct characteristics.

Our Leather

Each of our superior quality leather comes in a variety of seasonal colors, grains and patterns which gives the clog a stylish, timeless, unique appeal, and makes the footwear long lasting and durable.

The Nubuck leather is a top grain leather that has been sanded, buffed and oiled which makes it soft, and velvety to the touch.

Our polished leather has a smooth finish making it easy to care for.

Embossed leathers offer both shiny and natural finishes with a wide-variety of patterned imprints in the leather.

Our Bison Hide leather is an extremely durable natural top grain leather giving a wrinkled appearance for a less polished more rugged appearance.

Wood Bottoms

Our clog bottoms are made from natural wood with skid resistant rubber soles. This makes the clogs whisper quiet.

The rigid nature of the natural wood provides great back, leg and foot support and helps eliminate fatigue in these areas providing long lasting comfort. It naturally absorbs moisture keeping your feet cool and dry in summertime and warm and dry in wintertime. Natural wood has been found throughout the centuries to contain medicinal and magical properties:

Metal Accessories

We utilize different types of metal hardware such as buckles, staples, nailheads and rivets in the clog making process. Nailheads or staples are used to attach the leather to the wooden sole. To help eliminate nickel allergies, all rivets that come in contact with the skin are made of hypo-allergenic brass.

Our commitment is to craft exceptional custom made clogs to the most exacting standards in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

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